Nursing of People with Intellectual Disabilities

Past studies have presented mixed views regarding the view of direct caregivers’ perception of people with intellectual disabilities and their impact on the level of medical care. These results have made it impossible for many medical professionals to propose better policies that can avail better care to mentally disabled persons. Many patients with mental disabilities have been discriminated in different healthcare settings (Thornicroft, Rose, & Kassam, 2007). Many healthcare policies have failed to transform the health outcomes of many individuals with mental disabilities.

That being the case, the proposed study seeks to explore the view of direct caregivers’ perception of people with intellectual disabilities. This knowledge will outline the impact of such perceptions on the level and quality of care provided to such persons. The ultimate goal is to propose evidence-based practices and approaches that can improve the health outcomes of every mentally-disabled patient (Thornicroft et al., 2007). This knowledge will result in better health practices that can address the health needs of these persons.

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Mentally disabled groups should receive equal healthcare and support. However, this has not been the case because of discrimination and negative perception among healthcare providers. Current literature does not offer conclusive analyses to explain the complexity, origin, and challenges associated with intellectual disability (Corrigan, 2004). The study will, therefore, outline the perceptions of healthcare providers and how they affect the quality of care available to such patients. A powerful qualitative research approach will be used in order to complete a successful study. The members involved in every focus group will outline the major gaps affecting the quality of care delivered to patients with mental disabilities.

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