Rich couples have lower divorce rates

Divorce refers to the termination of a union between the married couple. It involves ending all legal marital obligations. In many countries, divorce cases are sanctioned by courts through legal processes. However, the Philippines and the Vatican City are the only countries that do not allow divorce.

Divorce has been proven to be a stressful event that has influence on finances, lifestyles, and schedules of both people. The proposed study aims to answer the following research question: Do financial stability, faithfulness, and sexual satisfaction contribute to lower divorce rates among rich couples? Divorce cases among young and old married couples have been on the increase around the world in the recent decades. Several factors have been cited to cause the increase in divorce rates. It would be essential to understand the various aspects of divorce cases among couples so that measures could be implemented to help save marriages in the future.

There are many types of divorce across the world as stipulated by national laws. Contested divorce cases are taken to courts so that a judge can decide on the disputed issues. A divorce case is taken to court if a couple is not able to agree on some issues like child uptake and property sharing. Such cases take long periods of time to be concluded by judges, and the couple has to pay for legal representation in courts.

Once a verdict is given, a partner can feel dissatisfied and file an appeal. An appeal could be rejected or upheld based on the legal evidence produced in court. At-fault divorce requires one partner to allege that his or her partner has committed an act that is not acceptable in marriage. The acts committed by the partner could be unfaithfulness, abandonment and/or cruelty. No-fault divorce does not require a partner to prove that his or her partner has committed one of such acts. Spouses could decide to part ways because they felt that their union could not work any longer. Still, a judge can consider factors like past violence and marital irresponsibility issues when deciding on division of property and children’s upkeep.

A summary divorce requires spouses to fulfil some legal requirements before they can be allowed to end their union. The legal requirements can be short marriages as defined by the law, minimal real property, and absence of children, among others. Uncontested divorce is the termination of marriage whereby both spouses agree on children’s upkeep, division of property and support issues without the use of mediators or lawyers. A collaborative divorce is a termination of marriage whereby spouses are helped to reach a resolution with the assistance of attorneys. A mediated divorce is a termination of marriage which involves the use of mediators to facilitate sharing of marital property and children’s upkeep. A mediated divorce is cheaper than a divorce which is taken to a court for litigation. Mediators can be financial analysts and counsellors who work to help a couple to understand and accept divorce issues.

Polygamous marriages have been shown to have more cases of divorce than monogamous marriages (Brinig & Nock, 2009; Kitson & Holmes, 1992). Divorce in a polygamous marriage can be facilitated by financial constraints, childlessness, and sexual dissatisfaction. Unfaithfulness among spouses is a major cause of divorce in marriages. Unfaithfulness cases have been on the increase across the world due to many socio-economic factors (Lefkowitz & Fant, 2005). Research shows that divorce can result in less conflict at home, which is a positive side. However, divorce causes financial instability if one partner loses financial support. Parental skills have been shown to minimize following divorce. However, the skills increase about 2 years after the divorce.

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Children are the main losers in the event that their parents divorce. If parents divorce, their children tend to have unhappy, dissatisfied, and depressed time. Such children lack parental love which is essential in the upbringing of socially healthy personalities. Children whose parents separate have been shown to have lower academic performance than children whose parents have not divorced. This could be attributed to the guidance that the children get from their parents in intact families (Smart, Neale & Wade, 2001). Divorce among the elderly has been on the increase due to the improvement in longevity and economics. For example, many women are becoming financially independent. As a result, more financially able women are divorcing their husbands (Amato, 2010; Wickelgren, 2009).

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