Gay Marriages and Homosexuality Custom Essay

Homosexuality refers to sexual desires among people of the same gender. In the past, psychological journals classified it as a mental disorder. However, it was removed from the journals in 1973. To date, most theorists still try to find out the exact circumstances under which individuals become homosexuals. Homosexuality is a highly condemned behaviour especially by church leaders because it is considered unethical and against God’s law of creation. The perception that homosexuality is a sin and abominable leads to ethical dilemmas about the practice. The ethical dilemmas are further heightened by individuals who believe that it is not right to discriminate against homosexuals. Individuals who oppose homosexuality argue that gay marriages should not be allowed because homosexuality is unethical while supporters of the practice argue that homosexuals should be allowed to get marred (Cahill 20).

Debates about gay marriages have continued in different parts of the world. Allowing two individuals of the same gender to live together as a couple has caused varied reactions among different people. Religious groups and gay communities are among those who express strong views about gay marriages, with each side defending its convictions about the practice. Religious groups argue that gay marriages should not be allowed while gay communities support the practice. Religious groups play a major role in ensuring that gay marriages do not attain legal recognition. Both Christians and gay communities express strong convictions about homosexuality and gay marriages. All convictions are based on religious texts. Moral and ethical issues that surround gay marriages in the United States cannot be ignored because the matter has influenced the manner in which the American citizens lead their lives.

Different groups have been fighting for gay rights such as the right to marriage. However, the issue of gay marriages in the United States is surrounded by numerous ethical dilemmas. Religious conservatives have been fighting for gay marriages to be legalised although it might not be possible because the Supreme Court has not issued explicit legal directives that prohibit gay marriages. Religious organisations give different reasons to justify their opposition to gay marriages in the United States. They believe that it is unnatural for individuals of the same gender to get married because the sanctity of marriage should be respected. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman with the aim of raising children. Religious organisations use biblical quotes to prove that gay marriages are morally wrong. The most familiar biblical argument that they use to argue against gay marriages is found in Leviticus 20:13, which says that it is a sin for a man to have a sexual relationship with another man (Nagile 10).

Historically, marriage has played an important role in promoting human relationships. It involves the union of a man and a woman in order to support each other morally, emotionally, economically and also to bring up children. Most societies perceive marriage as holy hence it should only involve one woman and one man. However, the debate on gay marriages in different parts of the world has elicited serious concerns because it is surrounded by ethical and moral dilemmas. One question that many people ask is whether marriage should strictly involve one man and one woman.

The United States has to deal with a serious ethical dilemma because some groups have been fighting for the civil rights of gay people although homosexuality is morally and ethically unacceptable. The issue of gay marriages in the United States has been a subject of public discussion in the recent past. Some states have been issuing and recalling marriage licenses, which give gays an opportunity to live together as a couple. The implication is that legislating on whether gay marriages should be allowed or not has been difficult. It has often been argued that instead of granting complete marriage rights to gays, domestic partnerships that allow them to live together as couples should be created. Individuals who oppose the marriages argue that allowing full marriage rights to gays would destroy traditional and religious marriages. On the other hand, gay communities believe that they should be given complete marriage rights because they do not enjoy the civil rights that are enjoyed by other people. For example, medical practitioners are bound by state laws to call family members of gay couples regarding health conditions of the individuals regardless of whether they have their partners with them or not (Nagile 15).

Legalising gay marriages in the United States would be harmful to the society because of various reasons. To begin with, legal recognition of gay marriages would allow the society to engage in unions that are morally wrong. In the United States, religion is highly valued hence marriages between individuals of the same gender are not encouraged. In addition, gay couples do not have the ability to produce children through acceptable and right procreation methods. As a result, gay marriages would be a threat to the continuity of the human race. They might also give rise to other practices such as adoption of children. This would deny innocent children the privilege of growing up in a family set up, which has a mother and a father. Homosexuals try to use legal provisions in a bid to fight for their rights, but allowing them to acquire marriage status would be against the public good (Cahill 20).

Individuals who argue against gay marriages point out that marriage should not only be a union between two people. A marriage should represent a friendly relationship, which should enable two individuals to raise children. The only union that allows conception and an opportunity to raise children is that of a man and a woman. Culturally, the family unit is comprised of a man and a woman, who come together to raise children. This perception of marriage underscores the importance of marriage in ensuring continuity of the human race. Supporters of gay marriages on the other hand argue that sperm donation can be used to create children for gay couples. However, their critics say that the couples would always be forced to adopt processes that are outside their bodies to get children. This would deny the children the relationship that they should enjoy with their biological parents (Baker 10).

Critics of gay marriages in the United States point out that the practice is morally wrong because the purpose of a marriage is to portray a relationship between a man and a woman and the ability to get children. Although gay couples might have legal basis to get children through other means other than natural birth, they fail to satisfy the moral and ethical purpose of a marriage (The Politics and Ethics of Gay Marriages 5). The task of bringing up children in the United States is considered as a great responsibility that parents should accomplish successfully. It is agreeable that children need parents who should take care of them and guide them as they grow up. Many people argue that the most suitable environment for children to grow up is a home where there is a mother and a father. This enables them to acquire important lessons from both parents.

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Supporters of gay marriages on the other hand argue that gay couples who adopt children can provide them with a suitable environment to grow up and also the love that they need. However, it is not possible for gay couples to provide the love that is provided by a father and a mother as they raise their children.

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