The movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” Custom Essay.

The movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a masterpiece narrating the fascinating story of Jordan Belfort. The story begins in 1987 when Jordan Belfort gets the job of a broker in a company called R.F. Rothschild. The character is supposed to worker under the supervision of Mark Hanna (Aziz & Scorsese, 2013). Hanna informs Jordan Belfort that the only way to succeed as a stockbroker is to earn more money for himself. He is eventually loses his job as R.F. Rothschild’s broker. He is immediately hired by another brokerage firm. Because of his hard work and aggressiveness, Jordan Belfort is able to start his own firm named Stratton Oakmont.

The combined efforts of Jordan Belfort and his lieutenant, Jonah Hill, play a significant role towards supporting his goals. He also benefits significantly from the support of different brokers. Jordan Belfort amasses huge fortunes as a broker. However, the movie shows clearly that Jordan Belfort defrauds many wealthy clients and investors. These fortunes later encourage the younger entrepreneur to embrace a new lifestyle of drugs and prostitution. Jordan uses Steve Madden’s IPO to make 22 million dollars in less than three hours. He eventually opens an illegal account with a Swiss financial institution. Because of such financial crimes, the FBI closes in on Jordan Belfort after which he is arrested. He eventually serves around three years in prison. Jordan is later released and begins his new life as an educator.

The major characters in the film include John Belfort as the protagonist, Mark Hanna as his boss, and Donnie Azoff. According to the film, Donnie Azoff is Jordan’s neighbor (Aziz & Scorsese, 2013). Jordan befriends different people such as Naomi Lapaglia. His wife his named Teresa. The FBI agent in the film is called Patrick Denham. Jordan Belfort’s aunt is called Emma.

This movie shows a unique work design characterized by diverse roles. To begin with, the film is based on L.F. Rothschild Company. On top of the company’s organizational structure is Mark Hanna. According to the film, Hanna portrays unique managerial attributes. He is also Jordan Belfort’s boss. The boss goes further to encourage and empower Jordan to focus on making his own money (Aziz & Scorsese, 2013). These attributes eventually force the company to fire Jordan. However, he gets a new job whereby he focuses on penny stocks.

Jordan Belfort eventually starts his own company named Stratton Oakmont. This company attracts many young financiers who take on different roles. Without a clearly defined organizational structure, the firm realizes its goals. The company engages in a wide range of unlawful activities in order to generate income (So, 2012).

The film does not present a formal work design or structure. Jordan Belfort colludes with different people in order to open new bank accounts in Switzerland. Without defined roles and responsibilities, it becomes hard to identify the work design and structure of the new company (So, 2012). The characters appear to be the masters of their work designs. Jordan portrays a sense of passion and focus. At the same time, Jordan is immoral and deceptive.

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Without a proper work structure, Jordan starts his company and eventually becomes rich. He manipulates his customers and eventually steals their resources. He is eloquent and charismatic thus being able to realize his potentials. At the same time, the leaders portray diverse organizational processes that make their respective companies successful (So, 2012). For instance, Hanna embraces a wide range of traits such as courage, clarity, and certainty in order to realize the targeted goals.

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