The Film Avatar Custom Essay.

There are a lot of great works of science fiction that have become famous for unusual images and original solutions used by their creators. Despite that multiformity, there is a particular work that I consider to be my favorite one due to many reasons. In the present essay, I would like to discuss Avatar directed by James Cameron that came out seven years ago (Letteri).

There are many things that I like about the discussed movie. To begin with, I want to pay attention to such aspect as computer graphics that was outstanding and helped to create the unique atmosphere encouraging those who have seen this movie to recommend it to their friends. Another thing that I like the most about this work is the message conveyed by the director and other specialists; it is not a secret that people evaluate any movie based on the degree of its congruence with their ideas and I appreciate this movie for its anti-war theme that creates its profound meaning. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult for me to single out the particular things that deserve increased attention of the viewers. I suppose that such a tendency should be regarded as an additional factor proving an outstanding talent of the director. I support such opinion because in good movies there is always the marriage of different elements that seem to be an integrated whole.

Speaking about the discussed movie, it is necessary to pay attention to particular elements that attract the attention of the audience and make people believe that everything they see on the screen exists in reality. Thus, there are a lot of elements of estrangement used by the director but the ones that I believe to be the most significant include soundtracks and the specific language that Na’vi uses to communicate with each other. To me, these elements seem to be the most important because they help to make this invented world look finished. I suppose that the mysterious sounds together with visual images are the factors creating the world that makes viewers forget about their concerns and problems for a long time. Apart from strong points of the movie that have been mentioned, it also encourages people to notice that there are a lot of living creatures that suffer due to people’s intention to get more and more resources. I believe that Na’vi could be regarded as a metaphor for both people living in isolated islands and animals whose life environment gives us resources. To me, the idea seems extremely significant because the willingness of people from developed countries to exploit other creatures is a harmful tendency that will lead to catastrophe. There is no doubt that some species are stronger and some are weaker and it is the rule that the strongest should survive. Anyway, out in the wild, stronger creatures are not supposed to kill weaker ones when there they already possess enough resources to survive. Due to this fact, I believe the message of the discussed movie to be even more important.

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In the end, it is necessary to say that there are a lot of factors that make the discussed movie popular all over the world. The latter includes not only beautiful music and computer graphics but also the message related to the necessity of peace that is supposed to make people understand the consequences of their activity for other living creatures.

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