Goal Statement for IUP’s PhD in Safety Sciences

Goal Statement for IUP’s PhD in Safety Sciences

After completion of my Masters in Occupational Safety Management, I have delved deep into a career in the field, something that has proved to be more of a vocation than a job.  I have always been passionate about safety both at work and at home. The passion developed into a genuine concern of ensuring workers go home to their loved ones the same way they came, if not better. Throughout this period, my main rationales lied within creating practical and inclusive training programs, ensuring proper use of protective equipment, extensive site risk assessment, and equipment quality checks. The rationale has earned me great success as I have made great strides in reducing injuries and loss time accidents within all the plants I have supervised, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of the works.

Early within my career, I received the recognition of a Spreads & Dressing RVS Cluster Champion, an award I would attribute it to an interest in ergonomics. Understanding the human elements within the workplace was useful in optimizing the worker’s wellbeing, designing the training programs, and ensuring overall proper system performance. Applying the concepts of ergonomics goes a long way into revolutionizing the idea of human safety within the workplace. I have therefore found its study and application intellectually satisfying as it would provide a methodological foundation to my safety programs. Therefore, I find it as an appealing background that I would like to explore within my Ph.D. program alongside other immensely distinguished research areas.

It is the responsibility of a safety officer with a doctorate to conduct research on safety, health, and environment that would guide policy implementation within the field and guide education and training on safety, health, and environmental management techniques. Analytical research and assessment are my most developed academic strength, and I, therefore, look to launch my research career with the IUP’s Ph.D. in Safety Sciences. It will be a stepping stone for me to indulge in numerous research that will direct policies and strategies from the ergonomic point of view, thus reduce the losses and industries from accidents. I further aspire to develop my safety training career a notch higher into a specialized area of expertise. I look forward to developing the right training programs and reaching out to many other sites to improve their approach towards safety.

My prior studies and employment experience have fueled my passion for safety sciences. Additionally, they have encouraged analytical through in academics and a critical approach towards the field. I believe that these have been enough to challenge myself to grow further. The IUP’s Ph.D. in Safety Sciences will, therefore, be a valid resource towards my growth and end goals. I also have a personal interest in coaching and mentoring young people who are still trying to figure out what they want to do in college. I especially encourage young women to join this field because there are not enough of them. A career in academia would, therefore, give me a chance to accomplish these.  Upon acceptance into the IUP’s Ph.D. in Safety Sciences program, I hope to adopt a dynamic perspective into the learning and work hand in hand with notable professors who have made a substantive impact within this industry. Most of all, I want to excel in the program with a goal of finishing it early to kick start my career in academia.


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