Winter Fashion Collection’s Custom Essay

The time has been reversed once again. According to the latest information from the giants of the fashion industry, the 2014 Fall/Winter clothes will make the audience revisit the era of glamour. Particularly, the material and the color are going to be very strong reminders of the realm of posh and richness. Despite the fact that the return to the exquisite and expensively looking clothes is an obvious nod to the past fashion principles, the 2014 Winter/Fall Collection is going to be not a blank copy of the preexisting concepts, but their original interpretation.

A closer look at the 2014 Fall/Winter trends will reveal that the current fashion moods revolve around the concept of clarity and neat designs. Clean lines and smooth silhouettes of the new items in the Fall/Winter Collection show that the world is ready to embrace a new concept of refinement. Based on the traditional classy style, that serves as a solid foundation for daring and bold experiments, these lines allow for a new layer of expressivity to be added to the clothes.

As far as the color is concerned, the rich red, yellow and brown palette seems to be returning once again. It is remarkable that the new 2014 Fall/Winter collection features both the cold and the warm tones, therefore, mixing Aurora Red and Misted yellow with Sangria and bright Cobalt (“Fall 2014: Color that Transcends Time and Place” para. 3–6). As a result, a very exotic and at the same time relaxing palette is created, which allows for shifting the emphasis from form to function and focus on the elements that make the clothes both practical and exquisite.

The same can be said about the material. What is traditionally viewed as the elements of luxury, including silk and fur, meets the modern design in a peculiar clash, thus, creating an emotionally fueled and at the same time strong and solid fashion statement concerning the necessity to mix the innovational and the traditional in a harmonic entity. In a very weird way, fur, feathers and shearling (“20 Trends for Fall/Winter 2014-2015” para. 1) blends with the modern materials, thus, both paying homage to the 60s and at the same time altering the time honored classics for the latter to fit the realm of the 21st century.

However, when it comes to identifying the detail that identifies the new look and makes the Fall/Winter Collection recognizable, one must mention the androgynous look of the clothes. Indeed, unlike any previous collection, this one sets the premises for introducing a new and inspirational look on androgyny and the way in which it may be expressed. In other words, the epitome of androgyny, which the Fall/Winter Collection is going to feature, meets the shiny and luxurious sixties fashion in the new collection, therefore, making not only an impressive fashion concept, but also a strong social statement concerning gender roles, femininity and masculinity and their expression in clothes.

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Though the summer of 2014 made a very strong statement concerning the integration of the latest views on fashion in general and clothes in particular, the 2014 fall/winter trends show that the tendency to incorporate the glamorous themes and motives of the past. Obviously updated, these elements will be integrated into the collection in order to add a timeless feel to the new and daring experiments with color and function.

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