Six Key Strategies for Teachers of English-Language Learners


Six Key Strategies for Teachers of English-Language Learners

The ,majority of K-12 teachers face challenges of communicating to their students about academic, personal and social issues, motivating them and addressing individual diverse need of each student.  It is from these that the six key strategies were developed to better tackle the issues. The first strategy would involve teachers introduce topics by covering the vocabulary within these fields to give a background. Secondly, the teachers can utilize guided interactions so students participate through listening, speaking and writing. The third technique involves the use of metacognition and authentic assessment methods instead of the traditional assessment that only gauge memorization. The fourth one is by giving direct instructions on academic and language concepts. The teachers can also use meaningful instances in the lives and cultural backgrounds of students to create context for universal themes. Finally, teachers can also use modelling, visual aids and graphical organizers to make language and context accessible and memorable.

The strategies can find application in all types of teaching and not limited to just English language. Further, the strategies are effective when mentoring new teachers when exposed to diverse students. The school administrators need to champion the application of the methods within their school and provide the necessary support. When teachers and students are included within the procedures, the level of understanding of the students is expected to improve significantly.

Within my practice, I will first change the assessment methods to integrate methods where students model their understanding and reciprocal teachings. I will also personalize my assessment rubric for very student and give more time for assessments. I also aim to take a study on the cultural background of my diverse classes to find relevant cultural contextual information to use in modelling examples and themes. On the same note, during the preparation of the classes, I will use more graphical content such as images, videos, diagrams, story maps an schematics. I believe that these will be influential in bettering their understanding.




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