Free healthcare in North America

Free healthcare in North America

    Free healthcare is an essential service that different states should ensure that they provide to their citizens. Universal healthcare can only be achieved if the government comes up with different measures that will ensure that the citizens have free healthcare without any political biases. The government should intervene to ensure that its citizens can access affordable healthcare regardless of their demographic differences. As related to free trade, this is an important activity that needs to be given consideration. In North America, for example, free healthcare is provided only that some countries, although Canada has some exceptions. This study is to examine free healthcare in North American to the democratic capitalist ideologies. The concepts in liberalism and neo-liberalism will be analyzed to ensure understanding of free healthcare in North America. This can be looked at in terms of the following: 

  1. Healthcare is essential in ensuring that there is a high productivity of powers that lead to societal improvement. The argument by Smith is that if there is an increase in healthcare will lead to high production. Government intervention is not essential thus should be avoided to ensure there is free healthcare (Elizabeth & Arnoldo, 1997)
  2. Milton, on the other hand, argues that freedom comes in without the government intervention unless if it is necessary. Healthcare is an important activity that needs to be prioritized by every state.
  3. The free market does not eradicate the need for the government, and in this case, the authority should come up with rules that will ensure that there is affordable healthcare (Appelquist, 2013). It is these policies that force individuals to have health insurances or face the consequences thus making Friedman argument effective to this point of view

Free health care market in North America can be compared to the free market as argued by Adam smith and government intervention issue that Friedman suggested from his arguments.





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