Custom Essay on Change

Change is a necessary activity in any field. A sphere such as business is extremely changeable and therefore, requires all the competitors to possess a high level of flexibility in order to adjust to the evolving situations and a rapidly transforming environment. In turn, the successful implementation of change depends on an organization’s preparation and planning. To be more precise, the managers responsible for change are to ensure that the company and its employees are ready to embrace the process of change and cooperate with the leadership accepting all of the innovations and different approaches.

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Without readiness for change, the staff (and the organization in general) are likely to reject the change, refuse to adopt new practices, fail to learn and cooperate with the managers. A high-quality communication needs to be established and maintained between the staff and the managers throughout the process of change implementation.

Besides, prior to the onset of this process, the leaders and managers are to address the employees and clarify the past, current, and future objective of an organization, explain why the change is required, how it can be put into practice, and what it implies for the workers. Achieving a high level of understanding is a necessity when it comes to change readiness.

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In the video, Jean Palmer Heck discusses how a manager may ensure a better degree of understanding between him or herself and the staff by means of using a comprehensible and clear analogy to explain why change is important (Center for Real Impact – Jean Palmer Heck, 2007). Heck’s example of an analogy with driving on the left and right sides of the road is rather effective because it provides an easy to understand illustration of an adjustment made for the sake of change.

Another analogy that could be used to explain change is a seed. A manager may begin the example saying that change is everywhere in nature. For instance, a seed exists for a purpose to transform into a fully grown tree. However, there are many things one can do with a seed – one may throw it in the water, or use it as a bead for a necklace, or cook it with some food. All of these are applicable uses for a seed. However, growing, changing, and eventually becoming a tree is an ultimate goal.

Just like that, a company may decide to change into something bigger, or choose to remain at the initial level and exists as a small business. At the same time, a mere decision to change is not enough for the change to be successful. Just like that of a seed, the growth process of a company involves many stages and requires resources. Creating an environment pleasurable for change is what makes it a success. At the end of this analogy, it would be suitable to state that change comes naturally, but the successful change requires commitment.

Visual aids for this analogy would require a photograph of a seed lying on a surface, pictures of many applications of a seed – seeds in the water, in jewelry, on food, and image of a fully grown tree, and for the final statement about commitment – an illustration of a sprout breaking through asphalt. The application of several pictures would make the analogy even more comprehensible and emotional to produce a deeper impression on the viewers.

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