The movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” Custom Essay.

The movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a masterpiece narrating the fascinating story of Jordan Belfort. The story begins in 1987 when Jordan Belfort gets the job of a broker in a company called R.F. Rothschild. The character is supposed to worker under the supervision of Mark Hanna (Aziz & Scorsese, 2013). Hanna informs Jordan Belfort that the only way to succeed as a stockbroker is to earn more money for himself. He is eventually loses his job as R.F. Rothschild’s broker. He is immediately hired by another brokerage firm. Because of his hard work and aggressiveness, Jordan Belfort is able to start his own firm named Stratton Oakmont.

The combined efforts of Jordan Belfort and his lieutenant, Jonah Hill, play a significant role towards supporting his goals. He also benefits significantly from the support of different brokers. Jordan Belfort amasses huge fortunes as a broker. However, the movie shows clearly that Jordan Belfort defrauds many wealthy clients and investors. These fortunes later encourage the younger entrepreneur to embrace a new lifestyle of drugs and prostitution. Jordan uses Steve Madden’s IPO to make 22 million dollars in less than three hours. He eventually opens an illegal account with a Swiss financial institution. Because of such financial crimes, the FBI closes in on Jordan Belfort after which he is arrested. He eventually serves around three years in prison. Jordan is later released and begins his new life as an educator.

The major characters in the film include John Belfort as the protagonist, Mark Hanna as his boss, and Donnie Azoff. According to the film, Donnie Azoff is Jordan’s neighbor (Aziz & Scorsese, 2013). Jordan befriends different people such as Naomi Lapaglia. His wife his named Teresa. The FBI agent in the film is called Patrick Denham. Jordan Belfort’s aunt is called Emma.

This movie shows a unique work design characterized by diverse roles. To begin with, the film is based on L.F. Rothschild Company. On top of the company’s organizational structure is Mark Hanna. According to the film, Hanna portrays unique managerial attributes. He is also Jordan Belfort’s boss. The boss goes further to encourage and empower Jordan to focus on making his own money (Aziz & Scorsese, 2013). These attributes eventually force the company to fire Jordan. However, he gets a new job whereby he focuses on penny stocks.

Jordan Belfort eventually starts his own company named Stratton Oakmont. This company attracts many young financiers who take on different roles. Without a clearly defined organizational structure, the firm realizes its goals. The company engages in a wide range of unlawful activities in order to generate income (So, 2012).

The film does not present a formal work design or structure. Jordan Belfort colludes with different people in order to open new bank accounts in Switzerland. Without defined roles and responsibilities, it becomes hard to identify the work design and structure of the new company (So, 2012). The characters appear to be the masters of their work designs. Jordan portrays a sense of passion and focus. At the same time, Jordan is immoral and deceptive.

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Without a proper work structure, Jordan starts his company and eventually becomes rich. He manipulates his customers and eventually steals their resources. He is eloquent and charismatic thus being able to realize his potentials. At the same time, the leaders portray diverse organizational processes that make their respective companies successful (So, 2012). For instance, Hanna embraces a wide range of traits such as courage, clarity, and certainty in order to realize the targeted goals.

Issues of Sexual Iconography in Japanese Anime

Japanese culture is commonly perceived as the anime culture. Therefore, it is associated with several visible symbols. One of them is nosebleed as a symbol of sexual excitement that is a feature of male characters seeing someone physically attractive. In fact, love and sex are two common plotlines of any Japanese anime, even science fiction ones. It is commonly associated with an emotional urge. A symbol of sexual excitement is always universal – nosebleed in male characters.

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For instance, consider the following scenario: In summer, the temperature was high. Hundreds and thousands of people came from all over the country to the beach, and they relaxed by soaking up the sand, sunlight, and sea. A group of young men were chatting and laughing about the current news. At that moment, a beautiful and gorgeous lady passed by them. They immediately stopped to stare at the woman, and then their face turned red, and their nose started to bleed. This is the spot, which the character’s nosebleed when they get excited, especially sexual excitement that can easily be found in the Japanese anime.

The scenario mentioned above is a common plot of numerous anime movies. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that nosebleed is the usual representation of sexual excitement and arousal. Still, it is challenging to find out what is the motivation behind such a symbol of demonstrating interest in one’s physical attractiveness and sexual excitement.

Therefore, the main objective of the paper at hand is to study peer-reviewed articles and academic literature to conclude whether there are any real causes for such a reaction to physical beauty. Before reviewing the literature, I argue that nosebleed is sexual iconography in anime that is widely acceptable in Japanese movie culture. The research will be concerned with the following issues: reasons of a nosebleed, the existence of this phenomenon in real life, sexual representation in Japanese anime, and the overall connection between anime and Japanese culture.

Nosebleed is a common symbol in Japanese anime. Moscato (2017) states that is associated with environmental changes and a significant impact of the surrounding environment on a character. Nevertheless, in anime, the most recognizable cause of nosebleed is sexual arousal. To obtain a better apprehension of this phenomenon and understand why it is a frequently met symbol in Japanese anime, it is essential to understand its roots and whether it has a biological explanation. In this way, it is critical to conclude whether it is possible in real life or is demonstrated in anime only.

First of all, it is of significant importance to become aware of the roots of such an iconographic symbol in Japanese anime. As for now, nosebleed as a symbol of sexual arousal is perceived as an element of Japanese folklore. In this way, it is believed to be an inseparable element of Japanese culture. However, it is critical to point to the fact that the foundation of this anime symbol is the real folk belief that nosebleed is a representation of sexual attraction, as stated by Slaven (2012). According to external, non-scholarly research, this symbol was indeed taken from folk art. Therefore, I agree with the abovementioned assumption that it was simply transferred to anime.

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Still, even though it was transferred from folklore to anime, it is imperative to recognize that there are no scientific facts or evidence supporting the belief that sexual excitement or arousal can lead to nosebleed, especially such dramatic instances as demonstrated in anime. Even though there can be individual examples of nosebleed connected to sexual excitement, they are not common phenomena. Instead, it might be a symptom of more critical health concerns, such as hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) (Scarano et al., 2013). Also, according to my research, it can be associated with changes in the external environment of an individual or increased exposure to stressors. What I think is said here is that the emergence of a beautiful person cannot be considered as such a significant change in the external environment that can cause a nosebleed. From this perspective, my stance is similar to that of researchers – such a phenomenon is rare in real life.

“Zodiac” Movie Custom Essay.

There are several reasons why Zodiac has to be watched. In addition to the fact that it is based on real events, it touches upon human deaths which have not been solved yet, failed attempts to discover the killer’s personality and the role of media in crimes. Zodiac tells the story of several murders that happened in the United States between the 1960s and the 1970s. Besides, Zodiac is called one of the best movies at the beginning of the 21st century starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey, Jr. Finally, this movie is an effective learning tool that helps to disclose the essence of media literacy and possible media impact on people.

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Today, the media makes people free and able to investigate human behavior, social norms, and relations that can be developed by separate people and whole nations. Still, it is not enough to identify the advantages of media but try to understand what the media are, and what messages can be delivered. In this paper, the movie Zodiac will be analyzed in terms of three media theories, liberalism, social responsibility, and uses and gratifications, to explain the peculiar features of crime coverage, the appropriateness of investigative reporting, and the development of ethical considerations in crime reports and examine its cultural impact on society.

The role of media in the movie Zodiac cannot be neglected. The development of the events and the rise of the killer’s popularity began as soon as the reporters of the San Francisco Chronicle received and discovered the letter with threats to American society. This movie teaches how crucial the role and impact of media can be. A person wants to be recognized and addresses the press for help. Instead of protecting society, press representatives decide to make the audience direct participants of crime investigation and active receivers of information.

These are the main signs of the uses and gratification theory of the press (Hanson, 2016). At the same time, the movie shows that the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s was the period when the press wanted to stay as liberal as possible and able to provide people with a chance to receive facts and depict truth from falsehood. It is an example of the libertarian theory (Hanson, 2016).

However, Zodiac is not a simple story of one or two crimes that were solved. It is the story with no end. It is a series of crimes that could not be solved by the government and the best representatives of American police. Therefore, the chosen movie also relates to the theory known as social responsibility when the press tries to meet corporate interests and perform several social functions, including entertainment, self-governance, and pressure avoidance.

Still, self-awareness may have a destructive power (Casey, 2015). Characters in the movie are so involved in searching for the truth that they neglect simple things like their possible impact on other people around and the outcomes of their words or their behaviors. “I need to know who he is. I… I need to stand there, I need to look him in the eye and I need to know that it’s him” (Fincher, 2007). Graysmith’s passion for discovering Zodiac seems to have no boundaries. Zodiac shows how confidence in crime coverage and the intentions to succeed in investigative reporting destroys any ethical issues and considerations.

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The story of Zodiac was one of the most publicized criminal cases in the history of the United States. Instead of not publishing the letters of the killer, who demanded publicity and recognition, the press used all its powers to make people informed believing that truth had to be revealed by any means. There are two main sides, two ethical dilemmas raised in the movie. On the one hand, there was a possibility not to pay attention to the killer’s letters and not to make all information about murders public. On the other hand, the press was involved in all crime investigations by Zodiac and invite innocent people to participate in crime coverage without even thinking about the impact of such involvement.

Legend of Heracles Custom Essay.

The figure of Heracles, also known as Hercules, became a basis for a genre of movies that appeal to the audience with their simple plot and dynamic action. Pietro Francisci’s Hercules that first came to Italian theaters in 1958, then to the American public in 1959, is an original movie that follows the adventures of a vigorous and brave hero. The film loosely follows Greek myths, making the character of Hercules a protagonist and not a side character for the legend of The Golden Fleece. However, the overall picture of the Greek hero remains mostly faithful to the original, because the personality of Hercules is not changed significantly. The 1958 film Hercules is an adaptation of the original Greek myth that portrays Hercules as the main character of one of the myths while following the story of it in some aspects.

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The main plotline of the movie follows the myth of The Golden Fleece. Originally, the journey to retrieve the Golden Fleece falls on the shoulders of Jason and the Argonauts. In this myth, Heracles has an episodic role as a member of the Argonauts. However, in the film, Hercules is the protagonist and the main adventurer with Jason being a side character. In this case, Francisci changes the plot significantly, as he places the responsibility for almost every action into Hercules’s hands. Hercules is the one to stay with the expedition and lead the journey.

Furthermore, he is the one to retrieve the Fleece and bring it back to Iolcus. It is possible that Francisci decided to implement these changes to make the character of Hercules more interesting and complex. In the original myth, the personality of Heracles is rather one-sided. He is famous more for his strength and bravery than his intelligence or gumption. In the film, however, some characters question his brawn as well as his brains. Hercules manifests himself as an honest and straightforward man, who can strategize and teach other young warriors combat skills.

Some of the elements of this myth, such as the presence of the Argonauts and the king’s desire for revenge as his main motivation, translate well into the film. However, many additions are present to make the film more exciting for the public. The addition of princess Iole, for example, creates a romantic subplot. Burdened by his immortality and inability to fall in love, Hercules asks the Gods to make him a mortal man. This theme is completely original to the film because the myths do not feature this plotline. One of the followers of Hercules, young Ulysses, is also a new character. He performs the role of a student, who aspires to be as strong and wise as Hercules. The presence of this side character helps Francisci to accentuate Hercules as a mentor.

Some scenes of the film can be interpreted as an attempt to include the Labors of Heracles into the plot. First of all, the scene of Hercules strangling a lion resembles the myth of The Nemean Lion. However, in the myth, the lion is a creature with impenetrable skin, which Hercules has to kill as a task from Eurystheus. In the film, on the other hand, the lion appears briefly and without any explanation.

The animal is there to kill Iphitus, the son of the king, furthering the plot and making the king loathe Hercules and send him away. Secondly, a brief appearance of a bull in the movie can also be connected to one of the myths. The bull kills Jason’s father, who recognizes Hercules as an old friend. These scenes can be loosely linked to the myth of The Cretan Bull. However, in the Greek myth, the animal is killed not by Heracles, but by his friend, Theseus. It is possible that Francisci includes the bull without any connection to The Cretan Bull.

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The film Hercules interprets a number of Greek legends. The main plotline is a rendering of the myth of The Golden Fleece, which originally features Jason as the protagonist and Hercules as a side character. Francisci, however, changes many aspects of the story to portray Hercules as the main hero. The film shows Hercules not only as a strong warrior but also as a capable leader and mentor to his fellow men. The added romantic subplot with princess Iole provides Hercules with an incentive to renounce his immortality. It is possible that Labors of Heracles are briefly included in the plot as well. All in all, the film Hercules is an epic but inaccurate interpretation of the Greek myths, which exists to entertain the public rather than educate it.

The film “Hearts of Darkness” Custom Essay.

The film Hearts of Darkness (1993) dwells upon the hardships Francis Ford Coppola had to endure when filming his Apocalypse Now (1979). The director was very optimistic when he started working on the movie, and some even stated that it could become the first film to win the Nobel prize. However, during the production process, Coppola changed his mind and considered quitting. Luckily, he completed his work that became an iconic cinematographic masterpiece. The documentary unveils major problems the director had and shed light on issues that can arise when making a big-budget movie.

One of the issues Coppola had to deal with was the budget as the filmmakers were significantly over the funds they had planned to spend. In part, the budget issues were due to severe weather conditions and the destruction of some sequences’ set. The filmmakers had to reconstruct the set. Additionally, Coppola had to hire guards to make sure that the expensive equipment was safe day and night. The health issue of some actors also affected the budget of the film. It is noteworthy that the initial budget was impressive (up to 14 million), but producers were ready to pay due to Coppola’s previous successful works. However, the rumors concerning the obstacles the director faced made investors less willing to pay, and Coppola had to invest his own money to finish the film.

At that, the biggest problems were associated with the cast or even several actors. Martin Sheen’s health issues were a significant shock for everyone and an obstacle to finishing the film. However, the biggest problem was Marlon Brando who revealed little interest and motivation to work hard or rather work. Coppola had to spend hours discussing Brando’s character with the actor while the crew was there ready to shoot. Clearly, such discussions negatively affected the film’s budget and had an adverse impact on the rest of the teams’ morale. It is possible to note that the cast and the entire crew experienced feelings and psychological constraints revealed in the movie. Brando caused many problems as even the screenplay was a problem since it was inappropriate. Coppola had to rewrite the ending of the film as Brando did not fit

As has been mentioned above, weather conditions were harsh, which led to additional investments. The weather destroyed the set and equipment. Moreover, the cast and the crew also had health issues due to the specific climate. The weather was often inappropriate for the planned shootings as well. Nevertheless, Coppola managed to overcome the issues, inspire the crew, and make a great success out of his war epic.

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“Straight Outta Compton” Movie Custom Essay

In 2015, the world was exposed to one of the most provocative and educative movies called Straight Outta Compton. It is the story about three outstanding rap artists, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E, who created a group, N.W.A, as an attempt to introduce their art as a reflection of the reality they had to live in (Straight Outta Compton). Straight Outta Compton is not an ordinary biographical movie that tells a story about people. The movie is the story of a political war where one party cannot accept rap songs as a new form of art, and another party cannot but promoting rap songs as truth-telling street knowledge. Straight Outta Compton is the movie with a message has the power to transform political sensibilities including racial injustice and prejudice, the inability to clarify cultural underpinnings, and the necessity to become a political revolutionist in order to protect personal and community’s ideas and beliefs and resist the rules and obligations established by the government.

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One of the most evident and attractive features of Straight Outta Compton is the necessity to introduce the question of racial inequality as an unchangeable issue that bothers people of different ages and races. On the one hand, it is expected that the filmmakers try to underline racial prejudice as one of the main concerns at the end of the 1980s when the rap group N.W.A was created. On the other hand, it turns out to be a real challenge to explain what problems people could have when they have a different race. The scene when Eazy-E is arrested in front of his mother and the inability to talk and explain the situation proves that racial inequalities and prejudice cannot be avoided or understood. People like the idea of being different, and they are ready to use their color of skin as the main excuse for their decisions.

Cultural underpinnings are also observed in the movie in order to prove that people are ready to support one idea in case it is explained and supported in terms of their cultural preferences. The scene when people listen to Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline” and demonstrate their true emotions when they hear that it is impossible to avoid an idea of “living with the whites one big house/and not another nigga in site” (Straight Outta Compton) could be used to explain how people stay dependant on what is imposed and not clearly explained to them. Constant instability and inability to choose and decide independently make people weak. N.W.A. is a challenge for society to see the truth and realize the importance of their cultural roots.

Finally, almost every song performed by N.W.A. is a call for people to comprehend how miserable and unstable the political situation is because of the possibility to avoid the law, offend some representatives of society, and stay legally clean even being an evident political revolutionist. When the group offers its “Fuck Tha Police” is one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. It proves that if a person is humiliated by the police many times, one day, he will find a way to revenge in the most unexpected and effective way. Political concerns stop mattering when rap that was not approved by the government and introduced as an example of chaos and disorder becomes one of the most respected forms of art in society.

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In general, Straight Outta Compton is a perfect combination of the ideas when people could be united with one goal and one challenge. Political concerns may prevent some groups of people from taking the steps that reflect their attitudes. Still, Straight Outta Compton shows that even the power of the government could be broken in case the correct steps, true emotions, and clear goals are demonstrated.

“What Dreams May Come” film Custom Essay.

The film What Dreams May Come (1998) deals with the loss of a close relative. The grieving of a woman who lost all her family is central to the movie. It is possible to trace various strategies different people use to grieve as well as cope with negative experiences. These aspects include the role of the close ones, the role of art and religions, and so on.

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One of the aspects of the grieving process depicted in the movie is the support of close ones. It is clear that as longs as Annie had her husband beside her, she managed to cope with her sorrow of the loss of her children (What Dreams May Come). The couple nearly divorced, but their mutual effort enabled them to cope with their grief. It seemed that Annie managed to accept the loss of her children. Thus, the help of close ones is essential in the grieving process. This aspect is properly highlighted in the movie, and the filmmakers manage to show the positive outcome of the support.

Another aspect of being considered is the role art can play in the process of grieving. Annie used her artistic vision to express her sorrow, anger, grief, and so on. She tried to abandon negative emotions and feelings by painting various images. The filmmakers manage to show the art therapy impact quite properly. The way Annie is painting shows that the patient can forget about things that bother them for some time. However, in many cases, and especially during initial stages of treatment, the patient cannot abandon negative emotions, but may even become violent due to the feeling of helplessness and loneliness.

Importantly, another coping technique is described in the movie. Annie is trying to keep a diary, which is another common type of intervention. It is believed that revealing ideas and writing them down can enable the patient to accept the loss and move on. Nonetheless, the therapy can also have several effects. The patient may be fixed on some idea, and writing it down will simply intensify the negative emotions.

The scene where Annie is writing in her diary is very remarkable as the filmmakers tried to explain why people cannot let go. It is clear that those who lost their loved ones do not want to forget them and stick to their memories. This aspect is closely connected with the influence of religious beliefs.

Thus, Catholics believe that the soul of the human can remain on the Earth, and many may stick to this belief. They may fail to let go thinking that their close ones are still with them in some way. At that, the film does not show that religion can also help the person to live through difficult times. The filmmakers show a severe case, as many techniques did not help and often worsened the state of the patient.

On balance, it is possible to note that the film in question depicts the story of a person who tries to cope with her sorrow. The filmmakers shed light on the impact of such aspects as the support of close ones, religion, and art. he filmmakers show the way some coping strategies may affect a person who has to accept a loss of a close one. The film focuses on the power of love that can help people cope with their grief.

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The Film Avatar Custom Essay.

There are a lot of great works of science fiction that have become famous for unusual images and original solutions used by their creators. Despite that multiformity, there is a particular work that I consider to be my favorite one due to many reasons. In the present essay, I would like to discuss Avatar directed by James Cameron that came out seven years ago (Letteri).

There are many things that I like about the discussed movie. To begin with, I want to pay attention to such aspect as computer graphics that was outstanding and helped to create the unique atmosphere encouraging those who have seen this movie to recommend it to their friends. Another thing that I like the most about this work is the message conveyed by the director and other specialists; it is not a secret that people evaluate any movie based on the degree of its congruence with their ideas and I appreciate this movie for its anti-war theme that creates its profound meaning. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult for me to single out the particular things that deserve increased attention of the viewers. I suppose that such a tendency should be regarded as an additional factor proving an outstanding talent of the director. I support such opinion because in good movies there is always the marriage of different elements that seem to be an integrated whole.

Speaking about the discussed movie, it is necessary to pay attention to particular elements that attract the attention of the audience and make people believe that everything they see on the screen exists in reality. Thus, there are a lot of elements of estrangement used by the director but the ones that I believe to be the most significant include soundtracks and the specific language that Na’vi uses to communicate with each other. To me, these elements seem to be the most important because they help to make this invented world look finished. I suppose that the mysterious sounds together with visual images are the factors creating the world that makes viewers forget about their concerns and problems for a long time. Apart from strong points of the movie that have been mentioned, it also encourages people to notice that there are a lot of living creatures that suffer due to people’s intention to get more and more resources. I believe that Na’vi could be regarded as a metaphor for both people living in isolated islands and animals whose life environment gives us resources. To me, the idea seems extremely significant because the willingness of people from developed countries to exploit other creatures is a harmful tendency that will lead to catastrophe. There is no doubt that some species are stronger and some are weaker and it is the rule that the strongest should survive. Anyway, out in the wild, stronger creatures are not supposed to kill weaker ones when there they already possess enough resources to survive. Due to this fact, I believe the message of the discussed movie to be even more important.

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In the end, it is necessary to say that there are a lot of factors that make the discussed movie popular all over the world. The latter includes not only beautiful music and computer graphics but also the message related to the necessity of peace that is supposed to make people understand the consequences of their activity for other living creatures.

“Rear Window” Film by Alfred Hitchcock Custom Essay

The film, Rear Window, by Alfred Hitchcock explores different themes such as voyeurism, symbolism, and characterization to reveal the life of the main protagonist, who is photographer called Jefferies. From his room after breaking his leg and being rendered immobile, Jefferies has time to observe the behavior of his neighbors for almost six weeks he spends on the wheelchair. This analytical treatise attempts to explore the American way of life in the 1950s as depicted in the film, Rear Window.

Hitchcock has created an interesting fictional premise that takes the route of a thought-provoking path of action to reveal the life in America in the 1950s frustrating. Reflectively, this creates a feeling of an imaginative casting, especially in the lives of the newlywed couple staying in an apartment adjacent to that of the main protagonist Jefferies. Factually, the storyline is fascinating as Hitchcock even goes ahead to include the daily challenges that this couple was facing in an attempt to find a balance in their marriage life. This adversely sustains the flow in its original, interesting, and provocative aspects.

For instance, in scene seven, where the couple is in their apartment, the audience is interrupted by the tension between them, which the director modified through arguments that seems to be revolving around the same issues. The frustrations result in violence, which eventually lead to the death of the young lady in the hands of her husband. The film captures the truly poetic orchestrations of the actions and coward display of the young man who is very frustrated and he ends up killing his wife.

The film has an intriguing premise on the theme of frustration: characters in the film are drunkards, smokers, bullies, and are involved in fights and even end up killing. From the third scene to the seventh scene, the young couple is drunk. The anomy in the story line seems to suggest a weak social system and failed family life. Across the film, a series of tragic events unfold and climax with the death of the young lady.

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In the film, Hitchcock’s premise is really exploited and used as the framework for limp action set-pieces to portray the main character as equally frustrated with his immobile condition that has to depend on his girlfriend and the nurse. Fortunately, this approach seems to be able to convey the poetry and philosophical inclinations of the storyline of the film such as underlying fear and destabilizations of the imaginative explorations.

The main character looks entirely out of place as he is practically forced to “talk” to his own disassociated “self” amidst a neighborhood where there are very many activities going on. Jefferies is the only person who seems to notice them. The main character looks moderately concerned and a bit confused and hell-bent to try and track the events from his immobile position through visual observation. Visual communication relies on both the eyes that see the images and the brain that processes and makes sense of the information received. An active mind therefore is capable of remembering visual images; consequently having both text and images enables one to analyze the pictures.

The frame in the storyline of this film deals with factors that language is clearly ill-equipped to handle, to be precise the visually salient elements of the subject from the literary perspective. In the third scene, the frame picture of Jefferies invokes meaning by adding information to the words presented, for example, the story teaches on the importance of family values such as care and protection as a measure against deviant behavior, which seems as the norm in the American society at that time.

At the onset the film, the viewer is introduced to the class stratification in the society and the rivalry between economic and social classes, which results in frustrations. Its visual representational meaning conveys the relationship between Jefferies and the depicted structuring of subsequent scenes. The creation of a visual representational meaning proposed the space-based model for analysis centered on the placement of objects within the semiotic space as represented in the plot of the film (Monaco, 2009).

The relationship between the visual participant-interactive or represented- in this film is realized by elements defined as vectors or processes which correspond to a group of action in the surprise of fear. This frame of the film creates a conceptual process that is visually characterized by the absence of vector. This conceptual process defines, analyzes and classifies the place, people or things, including abstract ones in a symbolic and analytical parameter.

The classification categorizes people, things or places in a tree structure in which things are represented as belonging to a particular class or order. In the film, conceptual processes occur when Jefferies encounters a surprised fear of the unknown because of his disparate immobile state and the extremely beautiful girlfriend. As a matter of fact, irrespective of the level of knowledge and understanding of the events occurring within the neighborhood, Jefferies is frustrated that there is little he can do about them but just observe from a distance. Literature comparison is about enjoying the phrases, feeling the actor’s words in action, imagining, and placing oneself in the actor’s shoes.

Creation of scenes with consistent assumptions and symbolic insinuation adds comprehensiveness to film perception by the audience. The film shows how Jefferies’ sense of identity is vulnerable to manipulation from the girlfriend and events occurring within the apartment. The director relied heavily in a balance of irony, realism, and parody in the film to present a distinct literary style in depicting different societal setups, which was predominant in the American society in the 1950s.

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The director artistically underscores the traditional position on triangulated frustrations as dependent on desire nurtured by pressure to form the underlying huddles. Reflectively, integrating in the theme of triangulated desires to overcome introduces physical and emotional insistent in the character of Jefferies, which is climaxed in momentous fulfillment achievement as perceived by the protagonist. The theme of hidden and recurring desires, as a result of frustration, controls the life of the main character as depicted in scene 7. This aspect is narrow and creates an essence of assuming a static plot setting.

Heavyweight Boxer Mike Tyson Film Custom Essay.

Mike Tyson is one of the legends of the sports world who has made glorious and notorious things inside and outside the ring. The film in question entitled Tyson dwells upon the famous heavyweight boxer. The filmmakers tell a story of the athlete from his childhood till the infamous trial and his conviction (Tyson). Apart from providing certain biographic information, the filmmakers attempt to unveil the emotional and psychological aspects of the matter. The boxer is depicted as a troubled youth trying to become happy while being exposed to a vicious environment.

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It is necessary to note that the film was released when Tyson was released from prison after serving half of his term. The movie was a good background and publicity for the boxer’s comeback. However, the additional publicity was hardly needed as everyone anticipated new fights and new victories of the “Iron” Mike (“Throwback: Mike Tyson KOs Peter McNeeley” par. 3). Boxing fans still regarded Tyson as one of the best athletes in the world who was more of a legend rather than a boxer.

Tyson was often put in line with such figures as Muhammad Ali and even Nelson Mandela (Fernandez par. 40). The day he left his prison cell was a big day for thousands of boxing fans who hoped that the great boxer would continue his glorious career.

The movie is quite true to real life as it highlights true events from the boxer’s life. Thus, Iron Mike himself repeatedly said that he had a very difficult and troubled childhood. He was a member of a gang and behaved accordingly (Tyson 12).

The first scenes of the movie reveal the hardships of the future boxer’s childhood. The scene also serves as a background (and, at the same time, the frame) for the entire story. The childhood with the lack of love and understanding as well as support made Tyson believe that hatred is what makes up the American society (Chia par. 3). This idea is rather recurrent in the film. Mike has to face other people’s misunderstanding and sometimes hatred, which makes him remain alert and distant all the time.

As has been mentioned above, the movie unveils an emotional part of the boxer’s life. It is mainly accomplished through the focus on Tyson’s relationships with such people as Cus D’Amato and his wife, Jimmy Jacobs, and Bill Cayton. These people were close to the future champion and made a lot to help him become the boxing idol (McNeil 34). Notably, the relationships with Tyson’s wife are also depicted. It is clear that the boxer tried to be a good person, but his temper, as well as his past, haunted him.

The filmmakers try to explain the nature of the relationships between Tyson and his close ones. The media concentrated on the scandal while the movie could be regarded as an attempt to show the individual traits of the man who lived his life the way he could.

The film features the boxer’s major wins as well as one of his defeats. The fight with Buster Douglas that took place in 1990 was one of the life-changing events in Tyson’s life (McNeil 230). Tyson’s defeat was a result of numerous factors, including some personal losses and the inability to control his darker side. The boxer often skipped trainings and displayed quite inappropriate behavior. The filmmakers focus on that aspect and show the emotional load Tyson had to endure (Tyson). In the 1990s, Tyson was a living legend, and nobody could still compare to him as even when the heavyweight champion was serving his prison term, no boxing star appeared.

Of course, it is necessary to note that the filmmakers did not reveal some events from the boxer’s life while changing others. These strategies are typical of fiction. This approach can be justified as the filmmakers did not need to disclose the boxing legend’s biographical facts. Those facts were all known due to the media coverage, as almost every minute of Tyson’s life was spotted by journalists’ cameras. The point was to explain the way the legend was born.

At the same time, the film also shows the human traits of the idol created by newspapers. The filmmakers do not focus on the scandals, and they even make the viewer puzzled whether the rape took place. The crimes the boxer committed are simply enumerated at the end of the film. However, the final scene of the movie features the boxer who is looking in the sky. It is possible to assume that he is looking at his future planning his glorious comeback.

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In conclusion, it is possible to note that the movie features some of the major events in Tyson’s life. The film can be regarded as biographical. At the same time, it focuses on the moments that made Tyson the boxing legend. The movie in question contributes to the creation of one of the boxing idols who will be in line with the greatest boxers of all time.